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Fundraising or is that Funraising?

In any club fundraising is fundamental to its existence and there is an ever-constant pressure to raise money so that we can continue to help more and people.

To some this might seem an onerous task, but in Swale Lions it is more often seen as a way to have some light hearted fun whilst at the same time engaging the public on whose support we rely.

Christmas sees Santa and us in attendance, wrapped up warm with tins in hand, as we collect outside the major supermarkets. At other times of the year Lester our tame lion and his friends can be seen in local hostelries cheering up the revellers.

Organised events in the High Street or local shopping centres are excellent opportunities for fundraising and our members can usually be seen running a putting competition or tombolla at events such as the Sittingbourne Spectacular or St Georges Day fun event.

Of course wherever you see Swale Lions then you can be sure Lester will not be too far away, making friends and making people smile.
Of course it’s fun, that’s why we do it, that and the realisation we are doing something to help those less fortunate than ourselves.
So why not come along and join in the fun by joining Swale Lions?