Swale Lions Club, The Appleyard, Ave of Remembrance, Sittingbourne ME10 4DE
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Borden Village Fete

Swale Lions are enjoying themselves at Borden Village Fete

Grove Park School Fete

Swale Lions are at Grove Park School Fete

Christmas Collections

Thank you very much from swale lions club for all the support we received from the people of swale during our christmas collections this year.

Who says fundraising isn’t fun?

Lester the Lion and Catey the Clown set off with other members of Swale Lions Club on an evenings Pub Trawl and after an hilarious evening visiting 25 public houses from one end of Sittingbourne to the other, our intrepid friends had been photographed umpteen times with and by late night revelers, had been cuddled…
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